Bad Doberan

The inhabitants of the today's district town bath Doberan/holy dam accommodate those since nearly 200 years of guests, to the cure, to the recovery, to play and fun journeys .  
Stadtwappen von Bad Doberan                                       

Bad Doberan experienced a highly visible upswing, after duke Friedrich Franz I. raised the city from Mecklenburg to his summer residence. 1793 based on behest of the duke the first German seaside resort holy dam, soon followed a play casino and 1822 the first racecourse on the European mainland. In the year 1854 the probably most beautiful, nearly 6 km was planted for a long time, lime tree avenue of Germany, over which the bathers drove at that time with the carriage from bath Doberan to the bath pleasure to holy dam.  

Die Lindenallee
Molli-auf großer Fahrt.  

1886 finally became - after only vierwöchiger construction period - which " 900-mm-Schmalspurbahn; Molli" between bath Doberan and its late eingemeindeten local part holy dam taken in enterprise. The Bad Doberan surrounded by beautiful beech forests does not only hold for nature friends and recovery-looking for something ready, but has beside aforementioned objects of interest historically to offer culturally and at architecture to interested guests much.  
Bad Doberaner Münster

From at the beginning 19. Century come many klassizistische architectural monuments of C.T. Severin. They educate an ensemble, which in his unanimity specialists and laymen admire equally in holy dam. Center of the klassizistischen land development of the city Bad Doberan is the Kamp - a park in the English style -, in it stands the only Chinoiserien Mecklenburgs. In the small pavilion works of art native and foreign artists are shown.  

In the Möckelhouse, designated after the secret advice of building of yards G.L. Möckel, is the city museum with an extensive exhibition to the history of the first German seaside resort Bad Doberan Heiligendamm and the bath nature at the Baltic Sea coast.

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Leuchtturm an der Ostsee


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